Sunday, 19 September 2010

please please can i?

i've been nosying around etsy and found loads of stuff i want, here is just some of the stuff i found:

this sweet necklace is by greenriverstudio i have a thing for cakes and to have a silver one as a necklace hmmmm i'm tempted. take a look at her shop its full of wonderful items

how ace is this?!! i love her grumpy face, soo cute. its from a shop called pocomedio which is full of super cute creatures

this is by a shop called pennywishes - i love it soo much.
Take a look at her shop its full of ace things

Friday, 25 June 2010

hello - pretty things i want

It been a bonkers few months! i've bought a housy so had to pack all my card up - but i began relisting last week and my shop is looking healthier!
I need shiny new things for my shiny new house, so on my wall i need pictures
i'm in love with this shop.......
A few on my favourites....

this os beautiful - def one of my top favs

again, beautiful

the black swan

so effective -

any one of these would look perfect in my craft room - just which do i pick????
please take allok at BalletArts etsy shop

Thursday, 14 January 2010

lots of love in the room

i've been getting a few new cards ready for valentines day - there's more to come but i unfortunately i still have to do the day job for now so heres a few that are on etsy at the moment -

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


ive not posted for a while, been doing crazy overtime at work. But i just wanted to show you a fab artist here in the UK who is on etsy - she is called thecyclingartist
here are some of my favorite paintings:

Pink sandy cliff - this is my favorite, i love the colours- i'd love it in my home... please santa

Pink sea and beach - such soft and pretty colours, reminds me of a wonderful daydream

go check her out on etsy - wonderful stuff, treat someone this xmas!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


check out some of my sale cards on etsy, i've begun using different types of card, so i'm selling of my cards which are on the old style - Pweeese have a look!

hair clips

Im really into hair clips/accessories - and am looking to expand my collection, so ive been hunting on etsy.
Theres loads on there, heres some i've found, that i love:
this hair comb is by splendidspirit - its just beautiful - love the bronze colour mixed with the blue

these are by wychbury - i love the vintage style of these clips, she has them in a few different colours in her shop

these are by LilyMillicent - so pretty, she has lots of nice hair accessories in her shop

these are by bigbluebed - i love how simple they are - and such bright colours - take alook at her shop, some beautiful things in there

Friday, 9 October 2009

front page treasury

a treasury i created made front page on etsy last night!!!