Sunday, 1 November 2009

hair clips

Im really into hair clips/accessories - and am looking to expand my collection, so ive been hunting on etsy.
Theres loads on there, heres some i've found, that i love:
this hair comb is by splendidspirit - its just beautiful - love the bronze colour mixed with the blue

these are by wychbury - i love the vintage style of these clips, she has them in a few different colours in her shop

these are by LilyMillicent - so pretty, she has lots of nice hair accessories in her shop

these are by bigbluebed - i love how simple they are - and such bright colours - take alook at her shop, some beautiful things in there


  1. my name is maisy and i am a bobby addict... love bigbluebeds bobbies!!!

  2. Ooooh thanks for the feature, LilyMillicent's clips are priddeee! :)
    Paula and Lesley x