Thursday, 2 July 2009

some of my favourites

theres so many fantastic things on etsy, if i had any money i'd be buying, but i dont have any unfortunately, but theres nothing stopping me looking and showing you fine people

this is such a sweet little plate, its simple but beautiful its by sumiko i'm very tempted...

this bracelet is by AliBaliJewellery is beautiful, just my style i reallly want it. her shop is filled with all sorts of pretty things

this lightshade is by MIXKO some amazing shades in the shop

these earrings are by greenriverstudio - i love the different colours and the texture

so if anyone wants to buy me any of these i'd be very greatful


  1. wwo - I like the bracelet and shade too! :) Great post! :) Great finds! :)

  2. i love greenriver's earrings too!

  3. I love em too ;-) Just found your blog Parsy! Tis lovely!