Saturday, 8 August 2009

i've been tagged

Well it turns out ive been taagged by the lovely maisy

this is what im suppost to do now:
link to the person who tagged me
post the rules - these are the rules!
tag six people at the end of the post
let each person they have been tagged
let the tagger know when their reply is up.

my six random bits of info about me are....

* i'm currently moving - so packing up all my belongings, going to a bigger house with my own art room!

*i have really curly natural brown hair - but i wish i was ginger

*i wish i could make cakes, i can open a packet add water and wack it in the oven then add ready made frosting ontop - (on that note does anyone know anyone who makes cakes in the uk with squdgy fronsting icing???)

*i'm very good at techinical knowledge on televisions ans blu-rays n the like

*i have two kittens

*i have a slight obsession with the post

so the six people i choose are

1 comment:

  1. I has performed my 6 things duty!

    Thanks vey much for picking little old me :)

    moll x